Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle – Gift, Invitations, Favors, Business, kits too.

This message resonates with so many of us and our customers, it brings so many truths to the person whom reads it and receives it.

Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who loves you for who you are,
no matter what your faults may be.
Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who will tell you the truth about everything, even if they’re afraid you won’t like what you hear.
Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who knows you better
than you know yourself, and can always tell when you need a lift.
Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who can make you smile,
even when your world seems like it’s crumbling around you.
I know I’ll never find a true love like you again,
because it only happens once in a lifetime.

When you read this message it truly shows you what a soulmate is, it expresses the deepest feeling you have for that person. I often think back to Romeo and Juliet, or not to long ago the Twilight Series with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (The New Batman), Bella and Edward, and the Cullen Family each of them with their soulmates even if they didn’t believe they had souls. Thanks to a recent never ending Marathon on Showtime, Twilight series was on just about every TV in our home for many days. Now the entire series is on the DVR, even though we own every single Blu ray, its just easier as I am told on the DVR.
Romeo and Juliet knew they were soulmates, so much so they gave their lives for their love to be eternal, and Bella and Edward, gave their lives for immortality as Vampires but they were soul mates. Finding that one person is hard to do but when you Once in a Lifetime message resonates true.
Order a one of a kind message in a bottle fill it with Once in a Lifetime message and express to your soulmate your truest deepest thoughts and feelings.

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