Father’s Day MIB


Father’s Day June 19, 2022

Dads, they teach us the finest things in life, like burping, fishing, golfing, tooling around the garage, and so so much more this year let him know you care by creating a one of a kind Message in a bottle for him. Yes, nothing will ever replace the paper tie we make our Dad’s in Grade School, but a one of a kind gift will be a close second.

Select your bottle type and begin building your message in a bottle gift, browse the message harbor, peruse the message backgrounds, $24.99 includes US postage anywhere in the US.  Father’s Day Sunday, June 19, for $2 extra we will ship your MIB on June 13th  via US mail with a decal on the package that say “Do not Open until Father’s Day”.  Orders must be received by June 12th, 12 noon pacific time.  Order early we have a limited amount of decals.

Your message will be centered and spaced accordingly, we will use either a Signet Roundhand font or Monotype Corsiva.  Want a specific font or something special we will do our best to fill your wishes, advise in the special instructions and comments field during checkout.

Slay the Boring Beast and build Dad a One of a Kind Message in a Bottle!

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