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Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle –
DreamWeaver Studios



Original Message in a Bottle

Waging War against Boring!

Say No! to Boring!

Create a unique one of a kind 
Message in a Bottle, Give Sensational!

All Gift bottles cost $29.99 includes US mail delivery, most orders ship next business day, or for additional charge can be delivered via Fedex Overnight. Orders shipped by Fedex placed before 12 noon pacific time, ship same day. 
We believe in People, Family, and Friends. Friends make the world a Better and Brighter place. Family fills the world with Love, Laughter, Warmth and Heart. As a Family owned business, we take Pride in every Message In a Bottle we create for you, our Customer.
Unique gifts, wishes, motivations, scriptures, journeys, life moments captured in a bottle. Invitations to all events, most talked about promotional business marketing product. Each bottle is a symbol of Happiness, Joy, Sorrow, Forgiveness, Love, Celebration, Caring, Inspiration, Motivation, Scripture, Wishes, and Expressions of the Heart

Break Free of Boring - Message in a Bottle Today.

Battle against the Boring!

Our bottles shine, because we and you Care!

We provide you a variety of message in a bottles for all occasions.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Get Well, Sorry, all life events, create a memorable emotional keepsake.

About Us

It all started with a treasure map, back in early 1998, while doing some landscaping we dug up an old Coca Cola Bottle, inside was a treasure map drawn in crayon. We spent the rest of the day trying to figure out if there was really any treasure to be found.

Few Months later, I wanted to make a special announcement to some close friends.  I wasn’t sure how best to do it until I caught sight of that coke bottle perched on my shelf. 

Four empty and clean bottles were soon on my table.  I wrote individual messages, tied them with string, placed them in the bottle, and finally popped a cork onto them.

One by one, each got boxed and mailed out to its recipient.   Within a day, the recipients each phoned me to exclaim how much they loved the message in a bottle, so I launched “Bottle Me A Message” the next day.

Boring leave us feeling lifeless.

No matter what you have to say, always better when delivered in a bottle.

This message comes to you in a very special way through the roaring seas, from my hands to your to say – lost for words we have an extensive message library filled with messages for all occasions and reasons.


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