Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle – Gift, Invitations, Favors, Business, kits too.

Ever say the wrong thing at the imperfect time.  What was meant to be said was on the tip of the tongue, but what was said was OUCH!

Damage Control 101…

What to do when you say the wrong thing….

In relationships..

Start by saying your sorry not verbally but in the things that get done.  Simple tasks that are often told to do, take out the trash, mow the lawn, keep the feet off the coffee table.  

Next, send them something simple but very special, simplest, a memory, find an old picture, scan it, tweak it out a bit in photo program, print it, turn it over and write down how special the memory is and maybe a little small “sorry”

Next. move on to something bigger but not to big, flowers are nice but don’t go overboard, easing into the actual sorry will make them accept it faster. 

Another choice is chocolates, nothing says I am sorry better than chocolate.

Want to really make them  feel your pain get a bottle, write a simple message, with love you on the bottom and a small “sorry” at the bottom, put the message in the bottle and leave it on the pillow or next to their coffee mug.

Several services even offer a message in a bottle on line!

Next, go to their favorite book store, store, coffee shop and get them a mug, and a gift card, write I am sorry on the card, in small print.

Lastly, the big moment, sit them down stand them up and say, “I am Sorry”, if I could take back those words I would eat them twice and swallow them three times, you are the most precious and special person in my life and once again I am sorry” Hopefully this will be followed by a kiss and maybe a little make up love making, but saying I am sorry is a difficult thing to do, always ease into it, it makes it alot easier.

Now that the two are one again, a night on the town, a stay at a resort, a day at the spa, the two at the park, or a day at the beach, don’t forget the sunscreen.  Or the two will be sorry.

This process should take less than 3 days, as allowing words to stew for longer without I am sorry, can be catastrophic.

Next time – Saying Sorry in the work place.

Remember, saying the wrong thing at the right time will cause some heat between the two, but how you make up for those words, will make the heat turn into passion, and the passion turn into well, use the imagination.  Sometimes the wrong thing can turn out to be the write thing. Disclaimer – this article does not guarantee, that the wrong thing said will be forgiven, it purely depends on the person whom the wrong thing was said to.  No guarantees are expressed or implied.  Good Luck! One whom sputtered

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