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Face it: a long distance relationship is hard work. All that missing and longing, it gets truly tiresome after a while. And really, how many times can you write the same email with the same profound pining? Just like any other romance, a long distance relationship needs spice and kick, it needs a little newness, a shiny new coat — especially if you know you won’t see your loved one for a long time. But how do you find that sense of newness when your beloved is so far away?

Look no further than Message in a Bottle. These tiny treasures have all the elements required to add that extra oomph to a long distance relationship, the kind that needs it most. Messages in a Bottle can’t get rid of that constant yearning, but they’ll definitely kick to the curb any threat of staleness. Cute, creative, charismatic — Message in a Bottle is like life-support for a long distance relationships!

Even the simplest of Messages in a Bottle can kick your long distance relationship up a notch when executed right. Add an extra seal to your Message in a Bottle by covering it in kisses (girls, break out that red lipstick), and let your lover know that this gift was literally sealed with a kiss. Or slather a Message in a Bottle with your perfume or cologne; after all, they say that smell is the most powerful reminder.

Why not get super creative with your Message in a Bottle? First, create a bottle with a super-short message like “if only this bottle were you.” Then, on a day when you miss your loved one the most, grab a camera and snap lots of pictures of you and the bottle together. You and the bottle eating dinner. You and the bottle lounging in bed. You and the bottle watching TV. Wrap up the bottle and the pictures, send them off and wait. You’ll undoubtedly get an email or phone call from your special someone gushing over how wonderful you are. It’s a quirky, cute way to express your long distance relationship longing without resorting to stock phrases or tactics. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get one of these adorable packages yourself!

If you’re planning to spice up your long distance relationship with a surprise visit, have we got the plan for you! Before customizing your Message in a Bottle, pick a day for your arrival and book a hotel room for one night (you absolutely won’t need it for longer than that). Now, create a Message in a Bottle that gives the hotel’s phone number and instructions to ask for you. Drop the bottle in your special someone’s mailbox, run to your hotel and wait by the phone. Can you imagine the look on your loved one’s face when he or she realizes that you’re in town? What a fantastic way to put that long distance relationship on a grinding halt for a few days! And the added element of surprise only makes things all the more perfect. Believe me, you won’t be sorry — there’s nothing more romantic in a long distance relationship than the ability to actually hug your loved one. Especially when it’s totally unexpected.

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