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There are some people that know how to express themselves perfectly. They know how to put words together and send across their message. However, for most of us it is not that easy. There are so many times where we fall short of words and don’t know what to say to the other person.

There are many ways through which you can convey your message, through which you can express the way you feel. Then why is it that most of us are not very good with expressions, why is it that we usually find ourselves searching for words. There is another great way of expressing the way you feel, why don’t you try writing it down?  It is always easier to express yourself on a piece of paper rather than saying it to someone. So if you to have trouble putting words together, then write it down.

When I say write it down, it does not mean that you blog, tweet or text about it. I mean actual ink and paper, it may sound old school to you but writing your feelings on a piece of paper is so much better than any other form. People have been using these means for ages now and it still has its advantages over other means of communication.

When you write things down, the other person knows that you are thinking about them, they know that you have put actual effort to it and it makes them feel special. So what are you waiting for , think beyond the obvious tweets , texts and do something romantic for once.

When you try to make a day special for the other person, obviously the other person feels the love, but you feel just as great. So this time around if you are looking for a way to suspire your loved one then do it with a message in a bottle.

When you send a message in a bottle, it is not only romantic it is a surprise as well, because your partner would not be expecting it. So do something nice and make them feel special. You can now send across message in a bottle with the help of online orders as well (technological advancement you see!!). Just log onto Bottle Message a Message in a bottle and send your love note today!

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