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One of the hardest things to do is for all of us is to admit we were wrong or when we really mess up we have a hard time expressing our sincerest apologies. This message makes me realize how easy it is to say you are sorry.
I never meant to hurt you or cause you any pain.
If I could, I’d reach out And take it back again.
I’d crush your grief and anguish
And bottle it so tight, That never would it once again
Be seen in bright daylight. And then I’d take that bottle
And fling it in the sea. And let the waters take it
Far away from you and me.
The ebb and flow of ocean tides
Might bring the bottle back.
But ocean’s magic would have changed
To white from basic black.
The message in the bottle,
Would sing of nothing past.

The 3 most effective way to say “Sorry”

  1. Simply say it out loud – “I am Sorry’ – Saying those three simple words is a huge step in an apology, people need to hear you say it, its part of the healing and forgiveness process.
  2. Offer a form of making it up to them – this action helps open the healing and forgiveness process, the act of offering a form of compensation further allows the two parties to mend the fences between them.
  3. Take Responsibility for your actions – Man/Woman up for what you did, no excuse, be direct, apologize and work through the forgiveness and healing process.

Saying I am Sorry, we will say it many times in our lifetime, sharing an apology from a bottle can achieve all 3 effective ways to say I am sorry.
So remember Apologies lead to fence mending and were it leads from their is up to the both of you.

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