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February 14th, a magical day filled with Love, Romance and excitement. Each year we profess our love, or our intentions to another. This message always speaks deeply to me, especially when I wrote it –
You are my harbor,
My port in the storm.
Your heart is my safety;
Your love keeps me warm.
When tossed on the waves Or adrift, full of pain,
I know in your love I will be home again.
Your embrace is my haven.
Forever I’ll know Your refuge
will hold me Where ever I go.
And know in your heart,
That you have all my love.
You’re my hero,
my shelter,
My gift from above.

February 14, Valentine’s Day can mean many things from kids who bring little cards and candy to school to drop them in the little mailboxes they all created. A right of passage as we walked around the classroom dropping off Be My Valentine cards we bought at the store and scribbled our name on. As we grow older the meaning of Valentine’s Day takes a different meaning the courtship ritual of a new love, or confessing our interest in a crush we have had for some time. Then in college we begin to feel the need to express ourselves more boldly. Then as adults, we become one of two types of Valentine’s Day celebrators – the planner who plans for Valentine’s Day with eager anticipation of giving them the right gift and receiving a gift. The Last minute shopper who has seen all the ads for Valentine’s Day but simply waits till Valentine’s Day to buy something at the store, flowers, chocolates, and/or pick up dinner.
A special message to the right person on Valentine’s Day can make all the difference to that person on this special day. As the message above shows, the are all gifts from above, create one of a kind gift message that will become a forever Valentine’s Day keepsake – message in a bottle from Bottle Me a Message.

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