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Don’t love and a Message in a Bottle just fit together like Fred and Ginger, like Lucy and Ricky, like Brad and Jennifer, well, used to?

A Message in a Bottle and love are just naturally perfect together.  What man or woman could resist finding a love poem or love note waiting for them in a Message in a Bottle?

No one I know, that’s for sure, unless, maybe it’s that strange guy holding a Will Work For Food sign at the intersection.  But that’s another story.

Really, saying I love you with a Message in a Bottle is sooo intimate.  Imagine the excitement you’ll feel tucking a Message in a Bottle holding your own special love message into your significant other’s purse or briefcase for them to find!

Oh, and imagine the excitement that person will feel when they find your Message in a Bottle love note or poem.  Talk about appreciation!  The person may be so happy and excited that they rush to you and whisk you away for a romantic lunch or dinner—or to the nearest bedroom!

Seriously, it could happen!  Taking the time and effort to say I love you in your own special way in a Message in a Bottle shows that you’re no slouch in the love department.  It shows that you’ve put more thought, energy, and, more important, care into saying I love you than you could ever do just by buying a card.  And that’s bound to reap you a lot of, um, rewards.  Not that that’s why you’d use a Message in a Bottle to say I love you, of course, but, hey, when opportunity knocks . . .

And when it comes to saying I love you with a Message in a Bottle, dare to think out of the bottle!  Can you imagine how delighted a special child in your life would feel if you gave them their own personal I love you message tucked in a Message in a Bottle!  Just thinking of the smile on that special kid’s face is enough to make me need to pull out a tissue.

Because after all, love just isn’t for lovers, now is it?  And all people, young, old, large, small, and in between need to know and be shown that they’re loved.  Got a teenager that you’re having just a wee bit of trouble communicating with these days?  Remind him or her that you still love them and are there for them with a Message in a Bottle.  They won’t feel pressured or bothered or, worse, uncool—they’ll feel loved!  They may not tell you that, but take it from me, they’ll feel it.  And they’ll remember it.

And how about that friend who you’ve known since college and who means so much to you?  A Message in a Bottle with a special I love you message in it just for them will mean the world to them.  Especially if you do it when they least expect it!

After all, surprising the people you love with a Message in a Bottle love you message is large part of the fun!  Anybody can say I love you on a person’s birthday or around holidays.  But it’s just somehow more, er, loving when you say I love you in an unexpected way at an unexpected time.

So you’ll want to order a lot of Message in a Bottles.  Because you love a lot of people and you want to show them you love them with a Message in a Bottle.  But be sneaky about it, okay?  Everyone has more fun that way.  I promise.

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