Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle – Gift, Invitations, Favors, Business, kits too.

The monthly shift of moonlight On silver glowing seas
Will shine until the Earth ends From ocean depths to leas.
The fixed and rolling tides will flow
Forever and a day From border west to border east,
From cove to huddled bay.
These beauties out in nature
Will go on ever more,
But our love will last longer
Even than the ocean’s roar.
Through good times and the bad times,
Through tears and laughter – both,
I’ll love you past the end of time.
On that you have my oath. Happy Anniversary!

This message hits all the right notes and marks when it comes to expressing yourself on your Anniversary. First Anniversaries are typically a paper gift, a message in a bottle is perfect for that, fill it with mementos and expressions of your first year together, a one of a kind keepsake. Imagine celebrating your 50th anniversary and having that bottle that day 50 years later. Anniversaries are so so important not to be forgotten, and don’t send the typical gift, Slay the Boring Beast and sent a message in a bottle – a unique forever keepsake.

Bottle Me a Message has been helping people all over the USA celebrate anniversaries for over 20 plus years, family owned and operated, what makes us different we care about our product and our customer more importantly.
Share your love, share a message, Slay the Boring Beast with Bottle Me a Message.

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