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I never meant to hurt you or cause you any pain.
If I could, I’d reach out And take it back again.
I’d crush your grief and anguish And bottle it so tight,
That never would it once again
Be seen in bright daylight.
And then I’d take that bottle
And fling it in the sea.
And let the waters take it Far away from you and me.
The ebb and flow of ocean tides
Might bring the bottle back.
But ocean’s magic would have changed
To white from basic black.
The message in the bottle,
Would sing of nothing past.

Saying your sorry is sometimes the hardest thing to do, to admit you were wrong, tends to sting. But being able to admit you are sorry is the first step to rebuilding the bridge between you and the person you hurt. Being the bigger person and saying your Sorry first is truly bitter sweet and puts the ball in the other person’s court to build and repair the damage that was done between the two of you.
We have been the first step in building that trust again for many many customers over the past twenty years, the message above is a good starting point or simply drop a note in a bottle with “I’m Sorry” and build from there.
Message in a bottle is a great forgiveness tool, Bottle Me a Message is here to help you rebuild your relationship.

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