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Once in a Lifetime

Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who loves you for who you are,
no matter what your faults may be.
Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who will tell you the truth about everything,
even if they’re afraid you won’t like what you hear.
Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who knows you better than you know yourself,
and can always tell when you need a lift.
Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who can make you smile,
even when your world seems like it’s crumbling around you.
I know I’ll never find a true love like you again, because it only happens once in a lifetime.

This message resonates with me and so many others, it lays out a foundation of the impact the person who receives this message has on your life. Very few people who we meet though out our lives have this type of impact on us.
Those of us who have a person(s) in our lives that you can send this message to are truly blessed, those of us with that “One” person have been given a gift from Heaven.

Today is the day to express this message to that person, order a message in a bottle we have created and mailed thousands all through out the USA, proud family owned and operated since 1998.
Bottle Me a Message will be here for you in your best times and your worst times, any message is best delivered in a bottle, as it will become a lifetime keepsake. Slay the Boring Beast – Say No to Boring!

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