Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle – Gift, Invitations, Favors, Business, kits too.

I have always love reading from a very young age, from that I became inspired to write and invent new products. The first thing I did before I launched Bottle Me a Message, I wrote many of the messages that are available in each of the shopping carts for our message in a bottles.
This was the first one –
This Message comes to You, In a Very Special Way. From a Sandy Beach Through the roaring tide, Weathering the Roughest Seas, To Travel From my Hands To yours to say,

This allowed the person whom read this to be inspired to write from the heart and think about the long journey a message in a bottle would have to take to reach its port of destination in the sea. Just like message in a bottle in the ocean, our bottles go into the postal seas arriving several days later to fill the recipient with a warmth no other gift can truly provide. Even after time has gone by, and the message in a bottle has been put on a shelf, a visitor might see it and ask about it. Instantly the recipient is taken back to the emotions of receiving their bottle, reading the message, all the feelings come rushing back, all from the mere mention of their message in a bottle.

We all have our treasures from the journey that is our life, some stowed away in a chest or box in the closet. Other proudly displayed in our home or our office, so when we are feeling blue or stressed out we turn to these dear objects and escape the current moment and go back in time by simply looking or holding that special treasure. Send a message in a bottle it will become a treasure to the recipient for many years.

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