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I wrote this because I know we all get the blues, feel down, and think life is just not fair.
Recipe to be Happy
Within this bottle I did place
4 cups of Happiness
2 cups of joy
4 cups of clear blue sea
3 cups of sand
5 cups of warm sunshine
3 cups of palm trees sprinkle with shells,
Shake, Stare,
Be Happy

I have many message in a bottles in my office and around my home, some custom made that never made it into our site. But to this day the small one I keep on my desk, with that very poem on the message in the bottle. Takes me to a happy place even during this whole Corona Virus – Covid 19 stay at home order – lockdown, every time I look at that bottle I give it a little shake and I feel the happiness in my own heart and am reminded of the many blessing both great and small in my life. That is the power of a message in a bottle it can take you away from a current mood, problem or thought and bring you to a positive place. Just gazing at the mementos inside the bottle, the sand, confettis, shells, whisks you away even for a moment to a better place. Good for the soul, heart and body. Very few businesses have the opportunity to put magic into the world, more importantly magic in a person’s mailbox. But we do each and everyday, and that is a true gift for us and we are happy to do it.

Order a message in a bottle for yourself, a friend and a family member you will feel good and they will feel great.

gift for sweetest day

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