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Believe it or not, everybody has a fear of some kind.  Most of us have many of them.

Now I’m not talking about fear of spiders or snakes or, well, you get the idea.  I’m talking about the kind of fear that holds you back from living life to the fullest or taking chances that could enrich your life.  And a Message in a Bottle can help you toss take that fear or fears and toss them into, if not a real sea, a virtual one.

And no, it’s not some hokey, New Age idea that I’m talking about here.  Rituals like this have been around—and worked!—for thousands and thousands of years.  Why, back in medieval times, people used Halloween as a time to banish the evil spirits and things they were frightened of from their homes.  They’d sweep and clean all day to prepare for All Saints day when things were to become holy again.  This was the way they dealt with their fear of things they didn’t understand or have any control over.

Pity they didn’t have a Message in a Bottle to bottle their fear and toss it away.  They could have saved themselves a lot of work!  And I’m all for that, aren’t you?

But seriously, they could have taken that time they spent doing all that cleaning and written a letter addressing their fear and the reasons it was time for it to go away.  This would have helped them get to the real source of their fear.  Writing has been found to be highly therapeutic when dealing with fear of any kind.  It’s always good to get your fear (or fears) out into the open so that you can deal with it.  Add that to being able to actually place a letter or note in a bottle where it’s contained, perhaps even tossed into the ocean or a lake, and you have closure about the issue of your fear.

This is so important.  Instead of bottling up your fear inside you, bottle it in a Message in a Bottle!  Rituals and ceremonies also play an important therapeutic role in our lives.  The act of writing out your fear, putting it in a Message in a Bottle, and then either tossing it into the ocean or the lake (which you really shouldn’t do, dears, think of the fish) or just symbolically casting your fear away in a manner that suits you can be life-changing.

Imagine put the cork into a Message in a Bottle containing your fear of, say, failure.  You’d be free to act on all those things you’ve wanted to do, but have been afraid of risking.  Like asking that someone you like a lot out on a date.  Or starting on that novel you’ve always want to write.  Or changing jobs because you hate the one you have, but at least you know what’s expected of you.  Or training for a marathon.  Or . . .

See, there may be a lot of things that fear of failure is keeping you from doing.  By using a Message in a Bottle to rid yourself of it, you’ve opened the door to a whole new world of opportunities.  And you can use this technique for ridding yourself of all kinds of fear, over and over again, with positive results that will make it possible for you to live life more fully and happily. 

So get busy ordering your Message in Bottle, or better, if you’re like some people who shall remain nameless, here, you should order several.  That way, whenever some sneaky, life-draining fear comes creeping into your life, you’ll be ready.

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