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We all have had one of those “Oh, No!” moments, whether you said the wrong thing, meant to say this but actually said that.  Did something totally stupid and now have to sew the rift back up.

Repairing the damage is going to take time, but it is going to take actions as well as time.

1. Admit you were wrong and you are sorry, best to use a handwritten note, or if you can in person, if things are real bad, text and/or email

2. Step one is most likely the hardest part but it should get easier after that.  Next, do something nice for that person.   Coffee, donuts, it all depends on who it is and what they will need, each  time you do something you are sewing the rift back up.

3. Bite the bullet, apologize, confess, beg, for forgiveness, now this all depends on whom the person it is.

4. Now the follow up, the most important part, the follow up is like putting the final mend in the sewing process, it should be something simple and heartfelt.  It can be flowers, a greeting card, a gift that means a lot to them, if you know the person, the follow up gift should be the easiest part.

The Original Message in a Bottle shop offers unique gifts and invitations.  The message in a bottle gift is great for any situation or reason.  You get to choose your cord color, sand color and parchment paper color for your Message in a bottle.  You can even design your own message in a bottle.

I never meant to hurt you or cause you any pain.
If I could, I’d reach out And take it back again.
I’d crush your grief and anguish
And bottle it so tight,
That never would it once again
Be seen in bright daylight.
And then I’d take that bottle
And fling it in the sea.
And let the waters take it
Far away from you and me.
The ebb and flow of ocean tides
Might bring the bottle back.
But ocean’s magic would have
changed To white from basic black.
The message in the bottle,
Would sing of nothing past.

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