Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle – Gift, Invitations, Favors, Business, kits too.

Let’s cut right to the chase: a bachelorette party and Message in a Bottle are made for each other. They’re like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, honey and tea. They’d walk down the street holding hands and giving each other some major googly eyes if they could. Just think about it. On one side, we’ve got the bachelorette party: a bride-to-be plus tons of excited guests locked in a hotel room or staking claim to a bar. Emotions are running high, and the demand for tricks, games and fun is seriously unparalleled. On the other side, we’ve got Messages in a Bottle, these tiny little treasures spilling over with quirk and charm, ready to be used for just about anything. Message in a Bottle is the perfect bachelorette party accessory. And we’re talking about people in the midst of planning a wedding, remember? They’ve learned to be very picky about accessories.

At the very core of a bachelorette party are games, and Message in a Bottle has that down in spades. Instead of playing plain old Truth or Dare with the bachelorette party guests, why not try the Message in a Bottle version? You’ll need three different types of Messages in a Bottle: some customized with probing questions, some with drinking instructions, and some with super-crazy dares. It really doesn’t require much more explanation; just start opening the bottles, and let the bachelorette party’s fun pour out. Just make sure that each guest keeps her eye on the bottles she opens; half the fun is in taking the bottles home and using them as an instant memory maker!

But memories are made of more than fun and games, so why not let Message in a Bottle play an emotional role in the bachelorette party? Try attaching one to the bride-to-be’s gift bag as a special note for her eyes only. It’s a cute, offbeat way to express some very sincere emotions. Even the bride-to-be herself can customize Messages in a Bottle for the bachelorette party guests or use them as thank-you notes for a party well planned.

Speaking of planning, are you planning a surprise bachelorette party? Messages in a Bottle can even help you get the bride-to-be to the bachelorette party’s location! Customize a series of them with clever clues as to the location and date, and place them strategically a few days before the bachelorette party. The bride-to-be will not only be genuinely surprised by the creative bottles, she’ll also be genuinely grateful for such creative friends! All the sneaking around will pay off, believe me.

You can even use Message in a Bottle as a great pre-wedding gift. Ask each bachelorette party guest to bring one Message in a Bottle detailing an intimate act to be completed by the bride on her honeymoon. Wrap them up in gorgeous packaging, but tell the bride-to-be that she can’t open them until her wedding night. But don’t sign your name to any of the Messages in a Bottle. Tell the bride-to-be that it’s up to her to figure out who came up with what.

Really, the possibilities are nearly endless. Message in a Bottle is the bachelorette party’s best friend, full of all the creativity and fun needed for such an important night. And remember, Messages in a Bottle can be kept long after the bachelorette party has ended. So when your boyfriend or husband asks how the bachelorette party went the next day, you can pop an aspirin, try to forget your hangover, and hand him a pile of bottles. Let him piece it together for himself.

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