Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle – Gift, Invitations, Favors, Business, kits too.

When is it the right time not to be seen but be heard.  To many of us want to say the right thing, but have a hard time being heard when being seen.

How often and how hard is it to get those words out, yet still they are not heard since we are being seen.  To say what you want heard needs to be delivered in a way you are understood and thought of but still heard , so the message and the emotions you are express are heard.

But what really works, a tweet, not really, it is too short and nothing can be expressed in 140 characters or less, definitely you may be thought of but not heard.

A text message, this one you can write as long as your thumbs will persevere, but honestly will by truly heard with a text message.

Instant messaging works but feeling and expressions last only as long as they are on the screen and soon are forgotten.

Take a piece of paper and write the words out with a pen, old fashion yes, but when they receive it, you will be heard and thought of.

Penmanship not the best, use a word processing program type out what you want to say, use a scripted font, and sign the bottom.  Be heard!

Send a message in a bottle, filled with different accent pieces that express your feelings.  Write a message and put the message in a bottle, leave it for them to find, or put it into the postal seas, and have it delivered to them.

Imagine their surprise, you will be heard and thought of every time their eyes gaze upon the bottle, it will become an instant keepsake for the years to come.  You will be heard, and it will be remembered.

The Original Message in a Bottle shop pioneered the use of a message in a bottle as a unique way to be heard.  The Original Message in a Bottle shop offers numerous types of message in a bottle gifts, as well as an opportunity to design your own. The Original Message in a Bottle shop since 1998, has been helping all of us be heard, they even have a Message Harbor for those of us that have a hard time being heard.

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