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So, you’re planning a destination wedding, how incredibly romantic. A destination wedding is certainly up there with the most creative and memorable ways to tie the knot. Picture it: waves crashing against the shore; bouquets of beautiful, exotic flowers; all of your friends and family gathered on a gorgeous beach to celebrate your special day. Destination weddings, however large or small, are definitely chock full of charm.

Why not add to that charm with Message in a Bottle? Message in a Bottle and destination weddings complement each other perfectly, like a bride and groom. Imagine standing on that warm, breezy shore, the sun shining warming your skin as you prepare to recite the most sacred of vows. Then, suddenly noticing a mysterious bottle nearly buried in the sand next to you,  bending down to get a closer look after the ceremony, opening it to find a personalized love note from your husband or wife. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that. Trust me, the tears will flow.

There are so many ways to include Message in a Bottle in your destination wedding, it’s almost unbelievable. Using them as creative wedding invitations tips your guests off to the tropical locale, and it’s a great way to get your guests super excited for the trip. You can also use customized Messages in a Bottle as a special greeting once your guests arrive; order a batch for the destination wedding and ask someone at the hotel to slip these little treasures into your guests’ rooms. Put them on a pillow next to a piece of chocolate, and you’re guaranteed to get lots of extra hugs the next day.

What about using Messages in a Bottle during the ceremony itself? If you’re planning to write your own vows, have them tucked inside a Message in a Bottle and open them to read during the during the ceremony. It’ll add a great piece of flair to the destination wedding. Just make sure that you practice this at the rehearsal — you wouldn’t want to get stuck trying to open a bottle for hours, would you? Well, maybe. It’d be something hilarious to talk about later.

And let’s not forget your destination wedding’s reception! Messages in a Bottle are so fantastic at receptions, you can use one in almost every area of the party. Take place cards, for instance. Spice up the typical, boring cards with a Message in a Bottle personalized for every guest! Slip a special message in there to remind them that even though your destination wedding has you running in every direction, talking to everyone, that you value their love and support more than anything. Or what about creating a centerpiece out of Messages in a Bottle? Inside each of the bottles, write an interesting piece of information about the people sitting at the table. Then, when the guests sit down and realize they don’t know everyone they’re sitting with, they can open the bottles and learn a little something about them — maybe even about themselves! How’s that for an ice-breaker?

Don’t underestimate the power of Messages in a Bottle as thank-you notes, either. After your destination wedding has come to end, and the gifts have all been opened, sending your guests a thank-you Message in a Bottle will not only let them know that you’re thinking about them, it’ll remind them of the wonderful time they had at your destination wedding. And maybe they’ll even send you a Message in a Bottle in return!

There’s no replacing Messages in a Bottle for destination weddings. Use them everywhere, in everything, with everyone. Then just wait — you’ll be sure to get lots of “Awww”‘s and “Where did you find these wonderful bottles?” And what’s the point of a destination wedding if you can’t be the envy of everyone for just a few hours?

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