Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle – Gift, Invitations, Favors, Business, kits too.

We all need some alone time, some time to escape from our crazy routine life and enjoyed a few days of peace and calm. A lot of people go to islands to relax and find their inner peace. But, most of us just plan these vacations and never actually go.  Did you miss your last holiday with your loved one because you were too busy, or because you had to meet with a client? Is your partner upset because you were not able to make it to the last trip?

Well, we think it’s about time you realize your mistake and make up for it and what better way to than using a message in a bottle. I know that a bottle message is not as good as the vacation that you planed, but it is sure is a start. You can at least start by saying how you feel and what better way to do it with our seashore collection. Yes, the seashore collection is designed especially for all you beach lovers out there.

All the people that love going by the beach can gift this message in a bottle to someone special in their lives. Our seashore collection is not only a perfect gift it is one of the best ways to send out beach party and beach wedding invitations. We all know message in a bottle is timeless, so now you can include tradition in your wedding by using these invitations.  Choose the paper, sand and the seashore accessories and you are good to go. So what are you waiting for get started now!!

The silence wrapped me in its warm blanket,
escaping the rush of the everyday.
The inner peace allowed my mind and soul
to mend, heal and renew their energies.
The quiet was refreshing, it bathed over me
like a cool shower on a warm summer evening.
Me, myself and I suspended in time, frozen….
Being at one with oneself relieves all things
in a matter of moments.
Capture more of these moments…..

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