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Intimate weekend, romantic getaway, lovers’ vacation — call it whatever you want, but there’s no denying the power of the 48 hour orgasm, an extra-intimate weekend set aside for you and your special someone. It’s a great way to get away from it all, to leave the bothersome stresses of life and focus on the one you love…with a few extra perks, of course. But planning a 48 hour orgasm weekend can be tricky, especially if you want to surprise your lover. You want your clues to be intimate but not too conspicuous, sexy but not overdone. You’ll probably need a little help Message In A Bottle!  

 to the rescue! Message in a Bottle is here to set up your 48 hour orgasm weekend in the most creative and intimate way possible. And believe me, a 48 hour orgasm weekend can never be too intimate.

So let’s talk clues. You’re going to need some good ones if your 48 hour orgasm weekend is going to be the great surprise you’re hoping for, and Message In A Bottle! can execute this perfectly. Try writing short, to the point messages that give your lover the time and place that he or she is going to be whisked away. You can make these extremely simple, even cryptic, if the mood strikes you right; you could even make each message a puzzle for the recipient to figure out! Start placing these clue bottles in strategic places — the car, the cupboard, anywhere your loved one will look —  a week or so before your 48 hour orgasm weekend and watch your lover bubble with curiosity.

If your destination has a specific atmosphere — palm trees, snow, mountains, etc. — use your Message In A Bottle! to reflect that local flavor. Keep the same system of clues mentioned before, but spice it up a little this time. Going to the tropics? Leave a bottle next to some plastic palm trees. Strapping on the skis for a 48 hour orgasm weekend on the slopes (or in the lodge)? Tuck your Message in a Bottle into a pre-formed snowball made of ice shavings! These quirky placement ideas will definitely tip off your lover to the 48 hour orgasm weekend without taking away any of that bubbling curiosity. In fact, they’ll probably add to it!

“Well, those ideas are all fine and good,” you say. “But what if I’m not trying to surprise my lover? How can I use Message in a Bottle then?” Simple! There are tons of ways to punch up the excitement of your 48 hour orgasm weekend with Message in a Bottle. Add an extra kick to the anticipation by giving your loved one a series of bottles detailing an intimate act that you’re looking forward to, and place these around the house a few days beforehand. It’s a foolproof way for you both to get shaking with excitement for the  48 hour orgasm weekend. And don’t forget to take those bottles with you! They’ll be a great sort of “checklist.”

And ladies, if you really want to get your guy drooling at your feet, wrap a Message in a Bottle in a piece of gorgeous lingerie with a promise to wear it all weekend. Trust me, there’s no way that this will fail. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if he called off work and whisked you away to the 48 hour orgasm weekend right then!

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