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Falling in love, being in love and truly loving yourself can be the most beautiful, devastating activity of your life! It will turn your world upside down and inside out. It’s what we all want, yet resist with all our might. Why? Because it will heal you.

True love is revealing. It peeks through the nooks and crannies of your heart, your spirit and your body to see who you really are, and in that, previous agendas are null and void. Once love penetrates, it will soften you, and make you vulnerable. Your true self will surface – but you must LET it! If you deny this, in any way, pure love cannot fully work.

To receive love, you must open yourself. In that opening you will rediscover long lost pains, awareness’s, secrets and memories of love gone by. It can be painful, but not to be avoided, as this is the place of healing. Hiding, manipulating, or being dishonest blocks pure love from flowing in OR out. To give love, you must offer it freely, with no pre-conceived ideas or expectations, accepting and nurturing what you see…and your heart will be healed.

The healing Gift of Love allows ourselves to be loved in whatever condition we arrive. True love can do this, selfish love cannot. Unconditional love can do this, judgmental love cannot. With pure love, the pains of the past start to disappear. The coldness of your heart begins to melt. Resentments give way to forgiveness. And comfort soothes the loneliness.

To be on the receiving or giving end of this blissful love doesn’t matter. Many say, “You must first love yourself before you can love another.” I say it usually happens at the same time.

Share the Gift of Love with her, a romantic gift for her such as a Message in a Bottle will show your love for her and you will never be the same!

So what it’s really about is, knowing the woman that you’re buying for. You know you’re in trouble when you make generalizations like, “Women love flowers” or “I’m sure she’d like a box of chocolates for her birthday”. Buy a romantic gift for her, a Message in a Bottle. Romance is more about the care that went into choosing the special gift for her.

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