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Who’s up for a party? Okay, chips: check. Candy: check. Drinks, candles, pointy hats: Check. Games…wait, darn it! We forgot the party games!

Sometimes in the frenzy of planning a party, whether it’s a child’s birthday bash or college kegger, we let one of the most important elements slip our minds: party games. And when it comes right down to it, who wants to play the same old party games over and over? Musical chairs and Pin the Tail on the Donkey are a little rusty around the edges, and the Scrabble board is almost always missing a few pieces. So why not add a bit of spiciness to played-out party games with Message in a Bottle?

Kids’ party games especially are a snap with Message in a Bottle. Try, for instance, a Message in a Bottle treasure hunt. Use the bottled messages as mysterious clues, and stash them in creative places like the refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, or even buried in the ground (with the neck showing, of course)! The ultimate treasure is up to you, but we suggest a one-of-a-kind coupon (ice cream, pizza, some sort of special trip or toy) tucked neatly into a Message in a Bottle.

Or what about a twist on the classic Easter egg hunt? This party game is bound to please any group of children. Personalize half of your Messages in a Bottle with the names of small prizes and the other half with an inspirational or funny poem. Hide them all over the party area, and let the kids go wild! Whoever finds a Message in a Bottle with a prize name gets to take home that prize, but be careful with this party game. Make sure all the prizes are small and equal in value — you’ll definitely want to avoid hurt feelings and angry parents.

Children aren’t the only ones who can enjoy Message in the Bottle party games; there are plenty of ways to add some Message in the Bottle character to teenage or adult games. Remember Spin the Bottle? Why not try a less risque, more emotionally tied version: Spin the Message in a Bottle! Personalize a message for every guest at the party, and mix them up in a box or bag. Choose a bottle (without knowing whose it is, obviously) and spin it. Whomever the bottle points at has to recount a funny story about the person whose name they’ve spun. If you don’t know the person that well, just pay them a gigantic compliment. It’s a great way to recount hilarious events and get to know new people. See how much better it can be with the element of surprise?

And for the more tame at heart? A twist on Guess Who! Before the party, ask each guest to write a short statement about another person who will also be attending. Have these statements turned into Messages in a Bottle, read them aloud at the party, and get everyone to guess whom the message is written about — and who wrote it! Then let everyone take their own messages home as a party favor. This party game is bound to please even the most laid back of guests.

As you can see, it’s unbelievably easy to spice up any party with Message in a Bottle party games. It’s so easy, in fact, that even a child could do it — so why not let them? Party games created by kids are sure to be loved by the kids playing them. But keep your eye on the rule system. We wouldn’t want one child taking home every single one the prizes you shelled out money for, would we?

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