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The Messages are out there all you have to do is look. Everyday we race here go there and rarely do we ever stop to see the messages not intentionally left for us. But randomly left by others, but they can direct impact on our daily lives.
Each day we look at our phones glued to Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and all the other social media, and we are bombarded my messages. Its when we look away from the phone and look at the landscape around us. We might notice a message scrolled on a wall, a stop sign or even on the sidewalk, and that message will Resonate with us. Some messages actually make you stop, think and realize that random message was meant for you. Yes occasionally, a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife might actually leave a message specific for you that maybe seen by another person which will make them stop and have a sudden rush of emotions from a message not left for them.
That is the power of a random message, something that sticks with you through out your day and helps you get through your day.
Occasionally random messages can be offensive, or mind boggling but for the most part a random message you notice might be fate or the world talking to you.
Like the image says – We all fall – Its up to you to rise again – nine simple words but the meaning so profound, each day and life is filled with falls, and we have to learn to rise up and keep moving forward.
This one is resonates on so many levels, just the first two words – Live Fully – we have been dying since we got here and forgot to enjoy the view. Simple but so profound.
This is the Sign you been looking for, imagine feeling lost and seeing that on a wall, if we took the time to look around, get our heads out of our phones, and just live, random messages will help us we need it the most.
Please stop and enjoy life, take your eyes off your phone, I go to the local park every Sunday its a lovely place to read the newspaper, the real paper not news feed on your phone. Cup of coffee or a ice tea, bag of snacks, and the paper, enjoy the view, say Good Morning to random people, smiles and the beauty of nature, the geese, the duck and the random squirrel, after 60 minutes, the world looks brighter the day looks better and the week ahead seem filled with opportunity.
Today I challenge you to take your eyes off your phone and look around and discover messages, and see how they might change your outlook on your day and your life.
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