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In today’s world of texting, emails, instant messaging and facebooking, the world has become a duller place.  People glow from the color of the computer screens, mobile devices, ipads, blackberry’s and the inner glow has long disappeared.

Why, have we forgotten the lost art of true connection.  The art of communication?

Fewer and fewer people are looking forward to going to their mailbox to get the mail, go back just twenty years, getting the mail was a joyous occasion filled with letters, cards, and other items from family and friends.

When did we all forget the pleasures of reading a handwritten letter, or writing a handwritten letter.  If you don’t care much for handwriting, not much fun to me either using a keyboard and a decorative font, makes it as special.  Sending a letter or card, yes cost a little bit of money, $.55, but the warmth and brightness of the letter or card you send to that friend or loved one will be felt in a way far greater than any text, email, instant message or voice mail will.

The tangible last a lifetime, emails, voice mails, instant messaging only last as long at the chip they are embedded on.  And we all know most of us change phones every year, computer crash and chips fail.

Paper has been around for thousands of years, old letters are found in old barns, homes across the world over. 

Today, take some time out of your busy schedule, type a letter, stick it in an envelope, lick the sticky side, better you forgot how terrible tasting that is, and seal it.  Apply the postage and put it in the mail.  You just made two people shine brighter on the inside.  Imagine if we all did that once a week. The Original Message in a Bottle shop offers numerous message in a bottle gifts to send to a loved one, friend or co worker.  If each of us sent one message in a bottle to someone special one week the glow from within the bottle would emanate through them, and the world would glow as bright as the sun.

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