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First impressions set the tone for relationships of all types, from business to romantic.

And so you always want to put your best foot forward, as they say, when it comes to making first impressions of any kind.  Fortunately, a Message in a Bottle can be a veritable lifeboat when it comes to making great first impressions. 

How, you ask.  Fair question.  And it’s really quite simple.  Imagine you’re finally about to go on a first date with that special someone you’ve wanted to go out with forever. Instead of calling or emailing them with the details of your date, what if you send them to that person in a Message in a Bottle?  Dynamite first impression!  Because you’ve immediately shown that special someone that you’re unique, clever, considerate, and oh, so sexy and romantic.  Pretty good first impression, huh?  And that great first impression is all thanks to a beautiful Message In A Bottle! 

Now maybe you have a job interview coming up.  You know you’re qualified, experienced, and absolutely perfect for the job.  However, and this is hard to take, I know, but better to hear the truth from me now, so are all the other two hundred and fifty people who are going after the same position.  You want the job so badly your teeth ache, and it’s crucial for you to make a good first impression.  What’s a person to do?

Don’t despair.  We’re here to help.  Just go to your interview with a Message in a Bottle tucked in your pocket, purse, or briefcase.  What should the message in your Message in a Bottle be?  Well, you can place a business card in a Message in a Bottle and leave it with your potential employer so they’ll have your contact information handy.  And when it’s in such a beautiful, unique container, they’re certain to keep it close by—which means you’ll be remembered.

Also, job hunting etiquette these days has it that a follow up thank you note is not just a nice touch, but it’s required after an interview.  So instead of some nice, but dull, ordinary card that anyone—and all those other people interviewing for the job—can pick up and then takes several days to get there by snail mail, hand yours to your interviewer immediately after the interview, or leave it with the receptionist to give to your potential employer. 

Killer first impression.  Guaranteed.  Again, by using a Message in a Bottle, you’ve set yourself apart from the herd—and when you’re job hunting in today’s economic jungle that’s crucial to getting a good job.  With one small, simple gesture, you’ve made a first impression that shows you’re considerate, unique, smart, and capable of creative problem solving.  Of course, I knew it all along, and I want others to know it too!

And you can use also use a Message In A Bottle to make a fabulous first impression on that new business client or prospective client.  Again, you can put your business card in a Message in a Bottle as a leave behind so your contact information is readily accessible.  And in such a unique way that you’ve made a first impression that means you’ll be remembered, and better yet, called! 

Really, the possibilities for making good first impressions using a Message in a Bottle are endless.  So you’ll want to order a lot of them.  Right now!  Because, alas, it’s true what they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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