Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle – Gift, Invitations, Favors, Business, kits too.

Yet far far off in the distance I can see the things that might come Its the way I handle the Drama –
the Voids that will pave the way to what I see down the Road.
I at times want to scream, want to run, want to just sit down and cry
But the Drama and the Voids will win. I am stronger than that,
the Drama makes me feel overwhelmed but I will survive,
as the many who before me, whose drama is hundreds times worse Looking down the road,
I can see the future, its is bright, the darkness I am in now will not win for I am the Light,
a beacon of strength, a powerhouse, not to be trifled with.
The Darkness of the Drama makes my light dim,
even to the point I can’t see before me anything.
Why all the Drama? Why all the endless Voids?
Because right now I feel lost, overwhelmed, but tomorrow my drama may still be with me
the voids might still thunder around me, but my light will shine and I will see the road again
My Light Warrior will slay the drama, I will slash at it with my mighty sword,
and soon the darkness will part and be gone and the road ahead won’t look dark,
it will be lit up by my light. From the Drama and the Voids
I will grow stronger, smarter, and fiercer. Then the next time Drama and the Voids occur,
I will simply laugh, as my Light Warrior will bring the drama darkness to a quick end
and I will stand on my road moving forward, without fear,
without any reservations. So bring the Drama and the Voids as they only make me
the Light Warrior I have always been.

Because boring Gifts Suck! The Original Message in a Bottle is on a quest to defeat the Boring Gift syndrome many are suffering, always giving the standard gift, shirt, tie, t-shirt, coffee mug, nothing wrong with these but lets be honest most of the time they are just go to gifts and they are boring. The Original message in a bottle has been mailed to 1000s of recipients all over the USA, and each of them said “Awesome gift!” Don’t keep giving the boring gift, because boring gifts Suck!

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