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Little things, simple things,
a walk in the park, the setting sun,
the cool breeze on a hot summers day,
its simple things,
the sound of children laughing
a pleasant thought in a quiet moment,
a minute of silence, the warm feel of
a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning,
Simple things in life make life
memorable…the little things,
Yes, simple things…

Its the simple things in life that make it so special, life moments are the fabric of our being, the songs to our soul, and make life so simple. In today’s World filled with texts, emails, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, we all get so lost in the rat race. We all have forgotten the simple things and the little things that make life so incredible. Life Moments shared with family, loved ones, even strangers alter our perception of the everyday. We journey through this life so quickly and really never know what may come, take the time to find something simple today, stop, stare get lost, get found, get centered and share a life moment that exclusive to you, or share it with a friend or a total stranger, it will change your life.
The Original Message in a Bottle Shop has been capturing life moments in a bottle for over 20 years, family owned and operated, Life Moments is what we do, and our bottles last forever. Share a life moment with us and let us capture it in a bottle for you and it will be with you, a friend or loved one forever.

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