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Life is filled with life events, from the ordinary to the amazing. Everyday is a gift, most of us tend to get stuck on the bow. But those days when we get past the wrapping and into the gift itself, these are the life moments we will cherish and hold onto for a very long time. Celebrating your birthday or a friend or family members birthday, a life moment we all have and will hold on to for longest time. A first date, sometimes they are the worst things that happen in your life, others are the beginning of a foundation of an entire lifetime together. Anniversaries of special days from the past, wedding anniversaries are especially special its the day you recall you pledge your love, life and soul to one person on the planet Earth. Graduations whether it be from Junior High school or college each is a very an amazing achievement and this life moment won’t soon be forgotten. Each step a foundation of your life ahead. Getting that dream job and moving up the business latter is a life event that will resonate with you through out your career. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen, and Quinceaneras are Life events of one moving on in life growing up and the changes in ones life responsibilities. All of these Life Events are extremely important days in our lives, the are the foundations of who we become as we grow older and wiser. Capturing life moments, like these important events are typically done in photographs, videos and social media posts. Along with the cards and gifts we get on those specific life events occur. Many of us don’t think past that special life event, others create a memory box and store the life event gifts and cards in that box. Many years later occasionally opening up the box to relive those life events. Creating a message in a bottle with a photograph and special message printed on parchment paper will become a forever keepsake of that life event. Proudly displayed in the home or office and it will become a beacon of that memory and a conversation starter. The Original Message in a Bottle Shop sends thousands of message in a bottles across the USA every month, thousands of recipients received a life event captured in a bottle. That bottle is now a beacon and keeper of the memories of that special day. Every time the recipient sees their message in a bottle they will remember the emotions of that day and the feeling they got receiving their Message in a Bottle.
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