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Just another day

I stare back at today and wonder
Did I make the most of the time I had
Did I daydream about what could be
Did I dream what today would be
Today is not just another day
Its a blank page in the book of my life
In the morning, the pen takes to paper
Could be a paragraph, could be 1000s of words
might be a simple drawing or a modern day Picasso
No day is every wasted, as intertwined in all of what we do
simple things happens, events, motions, sparks
These things are the catalyst of the day, setting things
in motion for the days to come
No day is ever wasted, for each day is a precious gift,
some of us get stuck on the bow.
But even if we get stuck on the bow, certain things
that happened this day, are for the bigger picture
of the great things to come.
Stare back it, a week or a month and you will see
how the little tiniest thing became an explosion
that set things in motion for tomorrow.
Time is never wasted, in the time we have little simple
things lay the foundation of tomorrow and many morrows after that.
In the time steam of life minutes and seconds whisk by but in the nanoseconds
and half minutes micro events begin to steamroll together
and at the right time the big moment you been waiting for will happened
This moment will be the catalyst to the next big thing, hold tight the course
Stare back at today, you might see nothing, but in the fabric of today
lies many little things that will turn to great things.

Just another day to think about someone that means so much to you a family member, a friend, a lover, a simple acquaintance, the server who pours your coffee, its time to be the the simple thing, the little thing by sending a special gift that captures a moment of life in a bottle, by sending a message in a bottle. Bottle Me a Message has sent 1000s of bottles around the world, and made a simple gesture into a micro event that set in motion great things for the recipient. Order a message in a bottle today and be the catalyst.

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