Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle – Gift, Invitations, Favors, Business, kits too.

Well you have done it again, said something, or did something to have you snuggling up with the dog rather than your woman.   Who would have thought that the couch was truly this uncomfortable?

Only good thing about being in the Doghouse is coming up with unique gifts to get yourself back snuggling with her, rather than fighting for space on the couch.

First off, admit to yourself you are only human, yes you, and we all make mistakes, now it’s time to start anew and work things out.

1. Leave her a small written note – simple – a heart and I am Sorry.

If it stays on the spot you left it, she’s listening, if it ends up in the trash, it’s going to make more to unique gifts to woo her back.

2. Flowers, now the important thing, is to have them delivered at her work or home but don’t be there when they arrive.  No store-bought flowers either, although the big chain supermarkets have a nice selection, women tend to frown on them when you are in the doghouse.  Be sure to put something simple on the card, “Love you” or just “Sorry”

If the flowers are proudly displayed on the table or in the bedroom, Congratulations your unique gift has opened the door to her heart.  Now be patient, the next step can go either way.

3. Order her a message in a bottle unique gift from, write a truly compelling message, not the greatest composer, simply write from the heart, or choose one of their messages and tweak it a bit or simply add to it what you are feeling.  Have it mailed to her, imagine her delight from your originality, she is not going to expect this?

If the bed is made and drapes are drawn you are in congrats, but if the bottle is on display and she gives you a little smile, her heart is open and it’s time to seal the deal.

4. Cook her favorite meal, or go to her favorite restaurant, have dinner all laid out, this unique gift she will not expect.   As she comes home, hand her a glass of wine, take off her shoes and escort the couch, and hand her the remote.  When she sits, and smirks, state “Dinner shall be served momentarily”.

During the courses arrive with a little less clothing, first your tie missing then your shirt, if she is giggling and smiling, your home free,  bring out the dessert, enjoy swoop her off her feet and let the fun begin.

Back into the bedroom, into the bed and then some.  All it took was a few unique gifts and ideas, to go from the couch to a warm and cozy…

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