Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle – Gift, Invitations, Favors, Business, kits too.

Oh, the joys and agonies you want to say I got a crush.

And the questions!  Do I tell the person?  Do I not tell them I got a crush on them?  How do I tell them I got a crush?  Then, there’s the when and where questions.  Really, all of that swirling around in your head is enough to give anybody a headache.  And a Message in a Bottle is the cure!

Yes, all you have to do is write your own personal I got a crush on you message and tuck it snugly in a Message in a Bottle.  You don’t even have to sign it!  Then you wait for your chance to slip your anonymous little I got a crush Message in a Bottle onto your crush’s desk or backpack or purse or . . .

You get the idea.  A Message in a Bottle gives you the chance to share your I got a crush feelings without having to fear the results.

Which is silly, really, when you think about it.  Because anyone would be thrilled to find someone like you has a crush on them.  Why?  Because you’re smart, creative, and willing to go the extra mile to say I got a crush on you in a very special, inventive way—with a Message in a Bottle.  So you’re much more likely to get a great big hug—or better, a romantic dinner for two and then a room, well, you can take it from there, I’m sure—when you use a Message in a Bottle to say I got a crush on you. 

You didn’t realize you were so smart, did you?  Well, you are!  And that special person you want to say I got a crush on you to will know that as soon as they get their Message in a Bottle—if they didn’t know it already. 

And you know, as I started thinking about crushes, (and I confess I’ve had a few, but don’t tell anybody, okay?  Let’s just keep that a secret between us), I started thinking about how a crush doesn’t have to just the romantic kind. 

What on earth am I talking about, you’re sitting there wondering.  And I don’t blame you.  But think about it.  A crush can also mean a fondness for or an appreciation for someone or something they do. 

And that takes saying I got a crush on you with a Message in a Bottle to a whole other realm.  Why, you could use a Message in a Bottle to tell that receptionist at the office how you (who chooses to remain anonymous) just absolutely love the way she makes coffee.  Or that nice mailroom guy who always has a smile and a joke for you when he comes by your cube that you admire his smile and find him outrageously funny.   So show them your appreciation with a Message in a Bottle!

Imagine the sparkle it’ll bring to their eyes!  The bounce it’ll put in their step!   Because, you know, seriously, everyone could use a little anonymous attention in the form of a special appreciation note in a Message in a Bottle these days.  Even if you wouldn’t necessarily say I got a crush on you to them, you admire them, don’t you? 

So become the secret admirer of the masses!  Yes!  Order lots of Message in a Bottles and show people you admire and appreciate the little things they do, anonymously, of course.   Because if there’s one thing people like even better than being admired, it’s having a secret admirer.  You’ll have people everywhere crazy about you—and they won’t even know it’s you!  You will be the James Bond of secret admirers, and your personal secret weapon is the Message in a Bottle.  Oh, you devil, you!

Oh, and you know, alas, crushes of the romantic kind tend to come and go, so you want to keep several Message in a Bottles on hand at all times.  That way, when it happens that you’re just dying to tell someone I got a crush on you, you’ll always be ready!

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