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It’s always so hard, isn’t it?

Getting up the courage to ask someone out on a date.

Sure you’ve made eye contact with them, even chatted with them, but ask them out for a date? Just the thought makes you break into a sweat and want to run, hide in a closet somewhere.

Well, you can relax! Because asking someone for a date just got a lot easier.  All you have to do is ask the person you’re interested for a date using a Message In A Bottle—and let it take any possible heat.

Or, if you’ve gotten past the first date hurdle and want another and another and

another . . .  Well then, use a Message in a Bottle to turn up the heat!  Who knows where it all might lead.  (Hopefully, to the two of you moving onto to even warmer and warmer things.  Like a nice, cool bottle of wine—and a nicer, warm bottle of oil.  Ooo-la-la!)

Because, really, who could resist getting asked out for a date when you’ve shown such a fabulous flair for the unique by doing it with a Message in a Bottle?  Doesn’t that just automatically tell the person you’re asking out that they can expect wonderful, clever things from you?  I should think so.   And more important, so will they.

And oh, the things you can say!  Without ever opening your mouth!  The possibilities are as endless as the ocean tides.  Truly.  Using one of our Message in a Bottle messages to ask out your potential significant other (or potential just-for-this-weekend significant other) makes it so easy and painless that you’ll want to smack yourself for not thinking of it sooner.  Please don’t hit yourself, though.  You don’t want an ugly bruise marring your looks when you go out on your date.

You can also compose your own special Message in a Bottle date request. What better way could there be to show your want-to-go-out-with-so badly someone what a great imagination you have—or how much you like them?

So, whip up a clever little poem that shows your sense of humor to ask someone out for a date.  Or, better, draft an invitation for the romantic night of your, um, I mean, their dreams. You can do it.  You watch Oprah, so I know you can.

But if you don’t think so, you can always borrow from the great poets like Shakespeare to ask someone out for a date in your Message in a Bottle—or you can ask one of your romantic friends who has a creative way with words to help you (just be sure to give credit where credit is due!). Romantic poems are a fabulous way to entice someone to go on a date with you.  They’re just soooo, well, romantic!  And since only a few hard-hearted people who don’t know a good thing when they see it can resist a true romantic, you can be pretty darn sure the person you ask out for a date will say yes.

And it’s all so easy!  Who knew?  No more stammering.  No more sleepless nights, tossing and turning as you try to get up your nerve to ask someone out.  No more calling your best friends at one in the morning, dripping from a cold sweat, trying to find the courage and the right words to ask that special someone out on a date.

No, smart thing that you are, you have gone beyond all that.  To, yes, become All That in the asking-a-person-for-a-date arena.  Because you have discovered the infinite power and wisdom of using a Message in a Bottle to ask someone for a date! Who knows, Oprah might soon be calling you, clever thing, to ask for dating advice!

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