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Foreplay may very well be the cornerstone of any amazing intimate life. It’s sensual, romantic, exciting — and usually the very first thing to go stale after years and years of being together. Sad, isn’t it, that such a great thing like foreplay can so quickly feel the heavy burden of routine and monotony. Good thing foreplay and Message in a Bottle go together so well that they’re almost like lovers themselves! Sure, there are plenty of ways to spice up foreplay antics all on your own without the often magical help of toys or games, but it’s life just that much more interesting with a little bit of creativity thrown in? Of course it is! And Message in a Bottle has sexy creativity in spades. See you later, routine foreplay. Message in a Bottle has something much better in mind.

If you truly want to kick-start a night of sensual, romantic foreplay, why not begin the process first thing in the morning? Create a Message in a Bottle with a suggestive reminder of the evening yet to come and slip it into your lover’s purse or briefcase early in the morning, just before he or she leaves for work. But be careful to stash the Message in a Bottle in a place where it won’t be found until your lover has left the house; the goal here is to catch them off guard, induce a little blushing. True anticipation is always best seasoned with a dash of surprise and a hint of intrigue.

But don’t you dare stop at anticipation. Let Message in a Bottle add some flavor to the foreplay itself! Customize a series of Messages in a Bottle, each one with a coupon for an intimate act — one that’s redeemable at any time during your romantic evening. Does your lover have a soft spot for relaxing bubble baths or long, tender massages? Include a coupon for them! Maybe something more risqué is right up your alley — a sensual strip tease, perhaps? Go ahead and add that, too! The only limitation here is your imagination; if it’s fun, sensual or romantic, offer it up to your lover in a foreplay Message in a Bottle.

And let’s not forget the games; oh no, foreplay games are a Message in a Bottle specialty. Here’s one destined to make the evening a memorable one: a series of Messages in a Bottle split into two categories. The first category? Intimate foreplay actions like kissing, massaging or caressing. The second? Body parts, anything that comes to mind: toes, lips, hips, you name it and it’s fair game. Carefully arrange these bottles in two beautiful champagne buckets (the champagne is optional, but we strongly recommend it) and take turns with your lover selecting a bottle from each category. The rest of the foreplay game is pretty self-explanatory. Perform the selected act on the selected body part is as sensual and romantic manner as possible. It’s a wonderfully exciting foreplay game that can be played over and over again (even if the combinations end up more funny than anything; ever caressed someone’s toes?).

And if you’re feeling extra risky, try adding a third category to your foreplay Messages in a Bottle: location. Any location around the house will do — kiss your lover’s collarbone on the kitchen table, massage his or her feet in the bathtub. Even the most mundane of rooms will inject that extra spice into the game, as if it really needed more. Just think twice before throwing the front yard or back porch into that category; spying neighbors make for surefire foreplay ruiners.

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