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The first wedding anniversary is paper, its important that you get the first one right. It will be the foundation that you lay for the following anniversaries.  When you hear the word paper, you must scratch your head, what do they mean?? Paper!

Now it if you want to be in the doghouse for sure, show up with some paper towels or high end toilet paper, she will be sure to make you regret it for a very very long time.  Paper is the foundation for everything in our lives from books to contracts all great things are affixed to paper.  Manuscripts, novels, the good book itself, so paper is important to the first wedding anniversary. 

First wedding anniversary gifts, should consist of three things, your love, your devotion and paper.  For those of us creative you can create a lovely memento of your wedding day on your computer, print it out, on paper, and frame it, the foundation will be solid.

Now you might see a mason jar as just a jar, but if you fill it with mementos of the last year, that you have saved, yes you should be saving things, ticket stubs, dinner napkin, dinner receipt, a snapshot.   Fill the jar with these mementos, a simple hand written note, and she will be WoWed!

The First wedding anniversary should be the foundation of 50 60 or more to come, filling a bottle with the write words and creating a message in a bottle for your first anniversary gift, will become an instant keepsake and a memento that can shine like a lighthouse in the fog, every time her eyes gaze upon it.  She will think of you, your love, your devotion and the foundation you have laid will be solid.

The Original Message in a Bottle shop for the past 13 years has been helping first anniversary gift senders lay a solid foundation with their message in a bottle services all type of message in a bottle gift, you can even design your own.  Lost for words visit the message harbor were you are sure to find a way to express yourself.

Remember the First anniversary is the foundation for the next 50 or more, so give a gift of paper that will become a keepsake and a memento.

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