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Oh, fear. Where would we humans be without it? Spiders, death, heights, small rooms — you name it, and someone’s probably afraid of it. Of course, some fear is totally logical (even smart) when it keeps us away from dangerous situations; if a fear of walking alone at night gives you a sense of safety, then by all means, pay heed. But if that same fear is taking control of your life, holding you back so far that you barely remember what it is to have fun or be in a loving relationship, then it’s time to kiss that fear good-bye.

That’s where Message in a Bottle comes in.

Maybe you’re afraid of being alone. Maybe you fear commitment or falling in love. Or maybe you’re just so afraid of snakes that you can’t fathom going on that family wilderness trip every year, even when your kids beg you to come along. Whatever the case, Message in a Bottle is here to help you bury that fear forever — literally! Using a personalized Message in a Bottle to actually bottle up your fears is the first step to letting them go, permanently.

Here’s the plan.

Make a list of your fears — it could be one or one-hundred, whatever has you shaking in your boots — and send them off to the folks at Message in a Bottle. They’ll lock each fear into a special bottle (with a beautiful font and paper, at that) and ship them right back to you. Gather up your fear bottles and dash out to your backyard or the nearest beach. Look each bottled fear straight in the neck, no mercy, and say “I refuse to be afraid.” Then bury them deep in the earth or sand, no questions asked. See? Easy as buying a pre-made pie.

But why stop at easy? Turn your fear removal into a full-blown ceremony by getting all of your friends involved! Ask them to bottle up their fears too, and plan a weekend at the beach or out in the serene country. Rent a cabin, a house, even a fancy hotel suite, and pamper yourselves like there’s no tomorrow. Early in the morning, share your fears over coffee and donuts. Have each person in attendance open their bottles and talk about each fear, in detail, until they feel they’re finally ready to seal it up and let it go. Then, after you’re all wired to the gills on caffeine and sugar, bury your bottles together! There’s no better way to say good-bye to a lingering fear than with friends…and breakfast pastry.

And don’t forget the best part — planning another one! This fear ceremony is bound to be such a rousing success that you and your friends will be itching to repeat it as soon as possible. I can’t imagine a better idea! How often do you get to cast out nagging fear and have a great reunion with friends all in the same weekend? Not often, I’d bet. So do it yearly, and let Message in a Bottle help you make it an event to remember! Fear, after all, is temporary, but supportive friends are very permanent. Just don’t forget the donuts, okay? They really make a world of difference.

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