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Free Animated Greeting Cards

Send a magical animation filled with all the right emotions and a message to brighten their day. Looking for bulk and one of our greeting cards with a custom message, please email us what you had in mind, if none of our animations are what you are looking for contact us via email with your idea for the animated greeting card and we can discuss creating it for you and bulk sending it out for you.  Average cost $1 per email sent minimum of 20, custom animation will depend on what you are looking for, and a low res demo will be shown to you and we can edit multiple times until it is right.  Custom message on any of our animated greeting cards may cost extra to create depends on the message, and a screen shot of your message would be sent to you prior to payment and you providing us with the emails.   Contact us today, we love to help you send mass message to your friends, family or clients.  These can even be used for invitations to an event, any kind of event.  Pricing will depend on how much extra work has to go into the animated greeting cards.