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Before the age of twitter and texting, people used to live much simpler lives. Where sending a letter to a loved one meant something, it meant that the other person is thinking about you, it meant that the other person is really missing you.  People did more than just text, to show their love and affection.

A few days back I read a story about a boy who found a message in a bottle, when he went out sailing with his father and that message changed the boy’s life. It was written by a man who was dying and had no family around him, he wanted to share his thoughts with someone. So he decided to write a letter and throw it in the sea. Hoping someday it would be found by someone.

The letter said

“I have lived a very good life; I had everything a beautiful and loving family, an amazing house and a lot of money. I worked very hard to get where I am today. I lead a very busy life without spending any time with my family. I had to earn money to keep them happy, so I worked all day and all night to make sure they have everything. But, I forgot that one day I might not have them.

One day when I was in the office, the lady on the reception transferred me a call, it was from the hospital. They said my family has been in an accident and no one survived. I did not know what to do say, or do.  That is when I realized that I will never see my wife and kids again. I will never be able to touch them or hug them again.

So, this is for the person who gets this letter. I just want you to know, no matter where you are and what you do, always tell the people around, that you love them. You might not be with them tomorrow.

I lost a chance to say ‘I love you’, I hope you don’t.

Stay safe


This is what the letter read, don’t you feel inspired? Well, I sure do, it moved my heart to read what the guy in the letter had to say and it’s all true. We spend too much if time wanting to reach the top and we forget the people around us.

This letter inspired me a lot. Do you want to inspire someone? You can send them an inspirational message in a bottle and see how their outlook changes. As we know words have a powerful impact in life.

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