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No matter what type of a day I am having, it can be the worse day, or even the best day. The moment I see a dog, any dog, or my own dog I am instantly in a better place. Are dogs really Dogmatic? Do they possess some kind of special canine magic that just whisks us away from everything.
Is it their constant smile, that large tongue bobbing in an out? Maybe its the touch of their fur, the excitement to meet you, Dogs are truly Dogmatic, they instantly make you feel better, its like their presence causes our brains to release a combination of chemicals and hormones to make us feel warm, happy, excited, relaxed and dogmatic all at the same time.
My dog makes me feel this way every time I see her, she can just be lounging around the yard, and I just watch her, rolling in the grass, instantly dogmatic feelings fill my being. Dogs have to be magical, because no other species you encounter makes you feel dogmatic. I love cats, and all animals but dogs make me forget everything. My German Shepherd is a rescue from the Orange County German Rescue, she is my second dog from them, my first was abused and she had issues after about a month with us, she became an amazing dog, my small son would hold on to her ear no matter where she went and suck his thumb, they bonded this way and would spend so much time just chilling with each other. As he grew older he went from holding her ear to belly rubs and oh the hair, didn’t care though the dogmatic mojo kicked in and I enjoyed cleaning up the mess.
My latest dog whom I have had now 6 years, was also abused, kicked so hard fractured her pelvis, she is an awesome dog, spends her days with me, right now at my feet next to my desk as I right this. 5:30am is her dog walking time, her I and the occasion coyotes, whom think we are crazy being out at that time. Most of the time they keep their distance occasionally the pups come try to check us out. But my time with my dog or any dog is always filled with dogmatic mojo.
The Good Lord created Dogs and we are all blessed to have the experience with them, they bring us joy, at times chaos, but even when they are tearing up the living room, we find laughter amongst the “What are you doing?”
They can frustrate us, but for the most part dogs fill the world with the dogmatic mojo and make the world a better place.
The Original Message in a Bottle Shop has been spreading the same love as dogs do, filling people with a bottle magic that we can’t really explain. When people receive a message encased in a bottle with mementos their brains release chemicals and hormones that whisk them away, they are instantly some place else, lost in the moment and then found, and every time they see their forever keepsake, they experience that over and over again. Bottle Me a Message have sent 1000s of bottles across the USA, Order one today, toss it into the postal seas, and put some magic in their mailbox.

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