Bottle Me a Message in a Bottle – Gift, Invitations, Favors, Business, kits too.

We live in the age of brands, so it’s never been more important to create a business gift signature that’s all your own.  Luckily, thanks to a Message in a Bottle that’s never been easier.

Now, you may be thinking that a Message in a Bottle and your need for a business gift don’t entirely go together.

And you would be wrong.  But that’s okay.  Because you just haven’t had a chance to discover how using a Message in a Bottle is a great way to, say, package a thank you note with your business contact information on it, for example, as a leave behind after that all-important business presentation.

Or how you can use a Message in a Bottle to send that vital client or prospective customer an invitation to a special lunch or dinner just for them.  Really, when you think of the things that usually cross a client’s desk like dull sales letters, direct mail packages and CDs, you’ll realize that the uniqueness of using a Message in a Bottle to deliver a business gift or invitation will be a refreshing change for any businessman or businesswoman.

After all, there are most likely an awful lot of people and businesses trying to get your clients’ or prospective customers’ attention—and business.  They use the standard same ol’ same ol’ direct mail cards, CDs, etc.  Tres impersonal, don’t you think?

So imagine how impressed your clients and prospective customers will be when their business gift or even brief sales letters come to them in a beautiful, unique Message in a Bottle.  A business gift like this will definitely “cut across the clutter, as it’s called in the advertising and marketing industries.  This simply means get your clients’ and prospective customers’ attention—and keep it.

Which is so crucial in today’s highly competitive business world.  A Message in a Bottle has the potential to become for your business what the swoosh is to Nike or the cow is to Chik Filet.  A unique personal trademark that sets you apart from everybody else.

Not only that, but using a Message in a Bottle for your business gift giving says you care, and yes, dare, to be different.  But not in some smarmy, slick way, but in a considerate, caring way.

Because there’s just something so thoughtful and intimate about a using a Message in a Bottle for your business gifts that’s certain to grab your clients’ and/or prospective customers attention.  Plus, giving Message in a Bottle business gifts makes a statement about the personal customer service you offer your clients and customers.  And that’s a statement that will be remembered in an appreciative way. 

And using a Message in a Bottle as a business gift also doesn’t just tell a client or customer that you’re creative—it shows them.  And believe me, people in advertising and marketing offices all over the world spend their whole careers sweating bullets and gulping down blood pressure pills daily in their efforts to come up with items that do what a Message in a Bottle business gift does so well and so simply—delivers business gifts and materials in creative, unique packages that sell not only the product, but the person or people behind the product as well.

So don’t waste another minute stressing over just the right business gift or gifts for your special clients and/or prospective customers.  Order a boatload of Messages in a Bottle for your business gifts now!  Because you’re sure to find many more ways to enhance your business with a Message in a Bottle than just the ones I’ve mentioned. 

And you can be sure that your clients and prospective customers will thank you for not making them endure having to open yet another package with someone’s bright idea for a cute and clever, but useless and, worse, tasteless business gift.  And those thank yous for your Message in a Bottle business gift will likely come, not in so many words, but in so many orders for your products and services that you may have to hire on some additional mates to take care of them all!

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