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Everyday I see people going from here to there, like the world around them does not exist. We look like ants headed towards a forgotten picnic, never taking any time to really appreciate the world around us. Sadly, as time passes and you begin to grow older, you start to realize all that you missed. All the days we rush from there to here, never really connecting with the places or the people around us. Even our loved ones and friends, yes we see and talk them via Facetime, emails and texts but do you ever spend that true quality time with them, when you are connected, with nothing on your mind but you and your connection to them. Sadly as time goes by you realize all the missed opportunities, all the time you could have been connecting, family and friends are so wonderful, even when you are with them and your mind might be elsewhere, they understand.

Deepak Chopra said – “Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging”

Giving can be the simple act of spending time with that person, simply by being by their side during a difficult time or to celebrate an life event. Giving can be a simple note, saying “Hey I am thinking of you”. Giving is the one thing that can either cost a lot of money or simply cost some of your time. Sometimes it might be both, but when you are the giver the receiver feels that energy that deeper connection to you.

In today’s world of texting, emails, and Facetime the world has become an intertwined mess of connections that are not meaningful connections, deeper connections. Yes people communicate more now but they are not connecting, stop and think about your days and the people in it, are you connecting or simple a passing connection in the intertwined mass of connections.

Today, Bottle Me a Message offers one of the oldest and deepest ways for people to make a connection by sending a special message encased in a bottle filled with mementos to bring people back to that deep connection people still and can share. The Original Message in a Bottle shop ( connects 1000s of people everyday in a deeper way. Order a message in a bottle today and reconnect with those people whom make you smile and feel warmth and love in your heart. Foster and nourish a new or existing connection today and send a message in a bottle.

A forever keepsake that will bind the two of you together though out time.

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