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Your anniversary. Simultaneously the most wonderful and troublesome day of the year. Here you’ve got this great spouse whom you love more than anything and one whole day made specially to celebrate that love, and yet the mere idea of it sends you into a panic.
What will we do, where will we go?
What kind of gift should I buy, and what if my spouse doesn’t like?
How can I make this anniversary super special without resorting to dinner and a movie again?
Relax, take a deep breath. Message in a Bottle’s got you covered. These precious little bottles are so in tune with a special anniversary, you almost won’t believe it.

Looking for a great gift idea? Give your spouse several Messages in a Bottle, each with a coupon for a special task. Take a break from your chronically busy lifestyle by including a bottled coupon for a home cooked meal (with a special “dessert”). Or help your spouse unwind after a long day at work with a bottled coupon for a back or foot massage. These coupons can be for anything your spouse loves, so get creative! Make them redeemable for life, and your spouse will be bound to plow you over with tons of anniversary kisses.

Want to get more emotional on your anniversary? No problem! Tuck a Message in a Bottle with a special poem into a bouquet of roses — but make sure you write the poem yourself. Don’t try too hard to make your anniversary poem an award-winning masterpiece; just write whatever comes directly from your soul. Sure, it might not be from the pages of Walt Whitman, but it’ll certainly be from the heart. And besides, awkward prose when coming from the one you love can be incredibly endearing!

If you just aren’t the poetic type, try writing down your memories instead! Give your spouse a Message in a Bottle for every year you’ve been together, each one containing your favorite memory from that year. Been together for over 30 years and don’t want your spouse buried beneath a pile? Include two or three years in every bottle. And if you’re newlyweds, base each bottle on a wonderful memory from your first year together. What better way to celebrate your anniversary than to spend time remembering all the great memories you’ve created?

And here’s one that will definitely hit an emotional anniversary chord: give your spouse a Message in a Bottle with your wedding vows printed inside. Even if you didn’t write your own vows, this is a wonderful way to remember your wedding day and informally renew those special promises that brought you two together. But you might want to tuck a handkerchief in there, too. There’s nothing like wedding vows to get those anniversary tears flowing

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