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Every day is a special gift, sometimes we all get stuck on the bow, but each day is a gift.  Each day we are blessed with people in our lives that mean more than words could ever express.  Why is it we need a reason to give them a gift.  A gift does not need to cost very much, a gift does not have to be glamorous.  All it takes to make the gift; the right gift is it comes from you and your heart.  In today’s world of instant messaging, skyping, facetime and emails.  We have forgotten how to give little gifts, that mean so much to them, even if they don’t realize how special the gift is when they receive it.  Certain gifts will become instant keepsakes, either proudly displayed in the office, bedroom, or so place special to be looked upon every day, and become a beacon of how special that person is to you and you are to them.

Every day is a reason to give a special gift to that special person, you don’t need holiday, an event, birthday, or anniversary to send or give a gift.  Sharing your love can be as simple as a hand drawn happy face with a special message, to a surprise picnic lunch.

Sometimes you may wish to have something delivered to the office or home, with the world wide web at your fingertips twenty-four seven, anything and everything can be found on the world wide web.

Flowers, of course, but they need to be watered, and soon end up in the trash, ah chocolates, what person doesn’t love chocolate, but those taste so wonderful, yet the extra calories can be their downfall.

A greeting card, you can get these anywhere, imagine how happy they will be to receive an actual card in the mail, yes delivered by the post office, put in their mailbox, not their inbox.

A Message in a bottle is a cost effective Valentine’s Day gift from the Original Message in a Bottle Shop includes shipping via the US postal seas, delivered anywhere in the United States.  This gift will help you convey your feelings and this gift will be a beacon of you to them each and every time their eyes gaze upon their message in a bottle, it will brighten there day and night.  Link sending this gift will brighten the world one person at a time, sparkly of the glass the glimmer of the accent pieces in the bottle.

At the edge of the midnight shore,
In the distance a light
Yesterday is written and should not be forgotten,
as the past moves up forward.
The light grows brighter.

A promise of a new day filled with dreams, decisions, challenges, and experiences.

Twilight Dawn upon the midnight shore to expose the sea of life.
Today is a blank page, take up you pen, your brush, fill the page
with words, colors and images of what you learned and felt today.

As tomorrow is but a distant promise,
Today is yours, a wonderful gift from

the universe, a gift from the creator.
When you receive a special gift,
you don’t stop at the bow.

Yesterday came and went,
Tomorrow is a what if.
Today is all the matters!

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