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Ever receive the simplest gift from that someone special.  A gift so simple you would have never thought to buy it for yourself, but they bought it for you.

Its more than a gift after that point, it is a bond between people create the day you met, and it has grown into something special.  That gift so simple, so ordinary became extraordinary the moment that special person gave you that simple gift.

Every time you see it, think of it, you are filled with a warmth and calm, that no person whom has not experienced it would understand.  It is truly hard to explain what a special gift for a special person can do for you or for them. 

Gifts need not be expensive, extravagant, they simply need to come from the heart.  A bond between two people can never be summon up in words or a gift, but words and a gifts can make us never forget our feelings for that person.  If we are apart and see that special gift, wear that special gift, or think of that special gift the warmth and bond between the two of you is instantly felt.

As time goes by sometimes life takes us in different directions, friend move, get married, but that love and friendship does not go away.  Other times we see our friends every day, life is filled with many people we meet, bond with, many of us bond with many people, other bond with select few.

Many friendships are made over a life time, many come and go, others last an eternity a bond so great, you share every moment of your life with them.  From phone calls, letters, emails, instant messaging, skype, and even facebook.

Today more than ever people can meet by chance bond instantly and grow that friendship quickly with modern technology as well as combining numerous methods of old, letters and phone calls.

Today more than ever we need to remember that emails, instant messaging, skype and facebook are great, but tangible friendships are filled with real time and real gifts.  Don’t let facebook, skype, texting, and instant messaging, replace real life interaction, real gifts of friendship.  The tree of friendship strouts quickly but the branches and the roots take time to grow.

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