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Each Bottle is a creation of Love, designed to touch their hearts!

Begin creating your special bottle!

– Many choices to choose from –

 Parchment paper – Golden Tan, White, Lite blue, or pink

 Sand color – beach sand, sparkly ocean blue, white, black and more

  Accent Cord – nautical white, white, black, blue, pink, gold, red and more

 Accent Pieces – seashells, palm trees, hearts, pineapples, dolphins, skulls,
pirates gold, x’s & o’s, sparkly pink, red or clear, hearts and more

 Custom backgrounds for your message, we have many or upload an image of

 whatever you wish, we will use it as a watermark or at the top or bottom of the message.

  This is a special gift, created by you for them, a lifetime keepsake.

Note:  Special day delivery option on all gift MIBs, and overnight delivery via Fedex available same day ship if ordered by 12 noon pacific time.

Clients from AOL to the Marriott have relied on us to deliver unforgettable custom messages. You, too, can send a Message in a Bottle as a special gift, invitation, or romantic gesture. Find a Reason to brighten someone’s day and send a message in a bottle today!

A Message in a bottle as a gift, invitation or promotional product that becomes a focal point of the recipient’s day. Reminding them of the person that sent them their special message in a bottle.

Explore the site, take your time, relax and enjoy building your own message in a bottle, as a birthday gift, Get well, I’m Sorry, Proposal, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day….really don’t need a reason to send a message in a bottle.

Choose a Message in a bottle, add what your wish, write your own message

or choose from the Message Harbor

Although I cannot be there, You know right from the start, That every wish I wish for you – Each comes straight from my heart. I wish that all your dreams come true. Have happiness, not stress! I wish your life’s adventure, Is filled with grand success. I wish you peace, but not without Enthusiasm deep As any ocean on this world. I wish your health you keep. I make these wishes every day With prayers sent above, But on your special day of days I speak them loud, with love. Happy Birthday

I wanted to send you a gift that rang true. A gift that would show how much I love you. As I battled the crowds and the kids at the store. Every gift I saw left me wanting something more. I looked at the market and at the ads in the mail. But as hard as I looked, I continued to fail . Finally it hit me – a gift from above. I decided to send you a bottle of love.

The monthly shift of moonlight On silver glowing seas Will shine until the Earth ends From ocean depths to leas. The fixed and rolling tides will flow Forever and a day From border west to border east, From cove to huddled bay. These beauties out in nature Will go on ever more, But our love will last longer Even than the ocean’s roar. Through good times and the bad times, Through tears and laughter – both, I’ll love you past the end of time. On that you have my oath. Happy Anniversary!

Create your Invitations!

The Message In A Bottle is the perfect invitation for a birthday, anniversary, get together, wedding, Survivor party, Pirate Party, or any other special event. Each order no matter how large or small will have its own Message In a Bottle consultant, who will take care of your order from start to finish. Each Message In A Bottle is hand assembled by one of our family team members with care, as if they were creating it for their very own invitation to their special day. Pricing starts at as little as $2.99 each with a minimum order of 12 or more.

Design your own Message in a Bottle!

Your unique gift, invitation or promotional will shine brightly at the home or office, a conversation starter for many years to come. Every time they see their MIB, glowing like the lighthouse through dense fog, they will be whisked away from their everyday and filled with the glow and warmth of mementos that fill their MIB. Allow them to get lost, be found, and they will remember, the wonderful person who sent them their MIB.


Choose a Message in a Bottle

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