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The Tribes were formed, and whittled down until there was one. Alliances were made, and Alliances were broken. They went through soul grinding challenges, and emerged victorious. The rewards, few and far between. Now the only question is… Who will be the Ultimate Survivor? That question will be answered on the final night.

Gift – Survivor Message in a Bottle –
What a better gift for the Ultimate Survivor Fan, a beacon of survivorship will sparkle and shine in their home or office. Each time their eyes gave upon it they will think of you the ultimate gift giver  

Starting at $23.99 - $25.99 which includes priority US mail anywhere in the US or we also offer Fedex Overnight for additional charge($49.99 in the 48 continuous states - same day shipping available). You get to choose the parchment paper color, sand color and cord color that accents the bottle
Survivor Message in a Bottle
Single Survivor MIB
Survivor MIBs as Invitations –
A Survivor MIB, the perfect invitation for the ultimate Survivor party, whether it be a birthday party or an invite to a Season Finale party. The only invite that will be proudly flaunted in front of others at the home or office, everyone will be talking about it. Each order will have its own MIB consultant, whom will take care of your order from start to finish. Each MIB is hand assembled by one of our family team members with care, as if they were creating it for their very own invitation to their special day. Pricing starts at $2.99 each with a minimum order of 12 or more. You will choose everything that goes into your invitation MIB on the order form. 
Survivor Mesage in a Bottle
Single Survivor MIB

RSVP Postcards
Post cards will be printed on postcard parchment paper, same color your wedding invitations are printed on. You might be wondering where is the wording, you get to write your own. Each postcard measures 4.25 x 5.5 they come with postage, your address printed on the opposite side. Prices start at $.99 per MIB (includes $.32 postage stamp) pricing depends on quanity.
If ordering glass we will insert them into the box with the MIB, if ordering a plastic MIB after you place your order and have confirmed we will tell you the method of
mailing RSVPs.
If you would like a sample, click the Order Now button below, ,fill out the order form input 1 for number of MIBs, and we will send you a sample MIB for only $9.99 we will prioritize your order and mail it out via priority mail - a $5.80 value!
Single Survivor MIB    
Multiple Survivor MIB
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